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With a unique blend of country and southern rap, Tommy Chayne mixes the traditional qualities of country music with thumping, hip-hop beats. His influences range from Travis Tritt and George Jones, to Biggie Smalls. He has come a long way since bursting onto the music scene as an up-and-coming singer/songwriter with his hit, “Alabama Nights.” Known for his electrifying live performances and strong ability to connect with fans, he continues to hone his skills playing in venues across the southeast. He’s also had the privilege to perform alongside such industry veterans as Colt Ford and others. What sets Tommy apart is his voice, style and personality. He’s never been afraid of being himself and that’s evident in his music.

Recently signed to Nashville-based Average Joes Entertainment, Tommy has been busy writing and recording songs for his first album to be released nationally.  Tommy’s earliest career ambition was to reach people, and music became his outlet. With the release of his debut single, “King of the Pines” feat. UpChurch, he has accomplished that goal. After more than a decade of performing and recording, he is being recognized for the quality and uniqueness of the music he creates.

Hailing from Citronelle, a small town in lower Alabama, music was instilled in Tommy at early age by his late father who was a great guitar player. His father told him before passing away from cancer when Tommy was only 15 that he “didn’t care what he chose to be in life, as long as he was a man about it.” His mother and siblings have been some of his greatest supporters along the way. Known for being the class clown and center of attention in high school, he started his college career at the University of Alabama but soon after moved back home and transferred to the University of South Alabama. He then worked a dangerous but rewarding six years in the Steel Industry that taught him what hard work was all about.

The past year has proven to be an exciting one for this gifted singer-songwriter. “The best way to describe me as an artist is someone you can kick it with. I’m not Hollywood. I know where I’m from. I make music that relates to me and my people. I can be serious, I can party with you, or I can have a real life talk with you. I want my realness to reflect my music.”

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